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The recording department receives and files documents related to the conveyance and mortgaging of real estate. Examples of conveyance filings include sales, donations, oil, gas and mineral leases, assignments, and the like. Mortgages, judgments, tax liens, cancellations, contracts, and bonds are examples of mortgage filings.

The recorded documents are indexed in the order in which they are received. It is these “index books” that are the foundation of the research that is conducted on the titles of specific parcels of land. The indexes are used by abstractors and attorneys in verifying title prior to a conveyance of property.

UCC documents are received, entered into a statewide database, and maintained by recording department staff. Marriage licenses are also issued with the original signed license scanned and held for research purposes.

Indexes for conveyance, mortgage, marriage, and other miscellaneous filings are available through this website’s esearch feature.

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Version Forms:
Assumed Business Name Form
Marriage License Application Form – online fillable version
Marriage License Application – printable version
RFC1 Request for Cancellation

Uniform Request and Cancellation Affidavit

Microsoft Word (.doc) Version Forms:
Assumed Business Name Form
Certificate Request Form
RFC1 Request for Cancelation
RFC2 Release by Obligee of Record
RFC3 Financial Institution Cancellation Request
Release by Individual Obligee under LRS 9:5168
Uniform Request and Cancellation Affidavit

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