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Marriage License

The Clerk of Court is able to aid couples in their marriage preparation by providing the marriage license. The license, which expires thirty days from the date of issuance, must be obtained at least twenty-four hours prior to the wedding ceremony. The cost of acquiring a license is thirty-two dollars ($32).

The following documentation is required effective January 1, 2016:

Application Requirements

  • Marriage license application shall be completed and submitted  here Online Application or from one of our public computers in our office.  Blank forms are also available on our website and in our office at 850 8th Street, Port Allen, LA.
  • Applications must be signed and sworn to by one of the parties before a deputy clerk or notary public. An exception does exist for members of the U.S. armed forces when a copy of the military ID card of the absent party is provided.
  • Each party’s social security number is required. If a party is not a U.S. citizen or lawful resident, that party must submit a valid and unexpired passport from his or her country of birth or an unexpired visa accompanied by U.S. Form I-94.
  • The number of previous marriages and, if applicable, whether divorced or not. You must know the month and year of any prior divorce. Widows and widowers must know the month and year of the death of their former spouse.
  • Covenant marriage declaration documentation (if applicable).

Birth Record Requirements

  • If born in Louisiana or a state or territory of the United States, a certified copy of the birth certificate under the seal of the state or U.S. territory.
  • If born outside the United States or its territories, a certified copy of the birth certificate under the raised seal or stamp of the proper registration authority, and a valid and unexpired passport or an unexpired visa accompanied by U.S. Form I-94.
  • Additionally, if the birth certificate is not in English, a translated copy containing the translator’s sworn declaration that he or she is fluent in the language of the applicant’s birth and that the translation is true and accurate as presented.
  • If no birth record exists, a letter by the proper registration authority of the state, territory, or country of birth must be presented under the raised seal or stamp of the registration authority. The letter must state a thorough search was made and no birth record was located. The letter and proof of birth facts must then be submitted to a judge.

Identification Requirements

  • A valid and unexpired driver’s license or government issued identification card.
  • A valid and unexpired passport from the country of the applicant’s birth or an unexpired visa accompanied by U.S. Form I-94.

Louisiana law states both parties must be eighteen years of age to marry without judicial consent. Applicants sixteen and seventeen years of age must have a court order in addition to the written concurrence of his/her father and mother, or the parent having his/her legal custody, or of the tudor of his/her person. The applications are urged to seek the advice of an attorney, as a court
hearing and judicial interview is required.

While marriage licenses may be obtained from any parish Clerk of Court’s office throughout the state of Louisiana, West Baton Rouge Parish is unique in its offering of the Poydras Fund dowry. The program, sponsored by the West Baton Rouge Parish Council, is available to females who have resided in West Baton Rouge Parish for the previous five years prior to their marriage. Additional information is available upon request.

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